• 2020


    Change in the board of the ArGe

    Due to the death of F. Baumgardt, Mrs. D. Vogt Weisenhorn takes over the position of the 1st chairperson on a temporary basis and also the overall editorship of Philatelia Medica.


  • 2019

    Participation in the 7th C.G. Award

    With Philatelia Medica, we ranked 16th out of 39 with 77.667 points out of 100.

    CG Award



  • 2019


    Creation of the medical philately store on Delcampe

    Clemens Brandstetter is setting up a store at Delcampe from the donated estates. The “sales proceeds” will benefit the ArGe.

  • 2019

    Meeting of the ArGe in Greiz

    Election of Dr. Fritz Baumgardt as 1st Chairman, after the death of Wolfgang Massin he also takes over the editorship of Philatelia Medica; successful participation of members at Thübria 19



  • 2018


    Change in the Board of the ArGe

    Dr. Giso Brosche resigns from the Executive Board for health reasons – Dr. Fritz Baumgardt takes over on a temporary basis.


  • 2018

    PM 189 - first time in color

    On the initiative of F. Baumgardt and with the help of C. Wendland, the PM appears in color for the first time.

    Nebenwirkungen Philatelie



  • 2017


    EXPHIMO 2017 one-frame team competition for the BDPh working groups.

    A team of 5 members placed 4th among 16 participants. Overall theme of the team: From the cradle to the end: Noxen – exter et intus

    Exphimo 17

  • 2017

    Meeting of the ArGe in Wittenberg

    Meeting on the occasion of the 115th Philatelists’ Day, G. Brosche exhibited his high-ranking exhibits on the subject of the church

    Wittenberg 2017



  • 2017


    Editorial change at Löwen-Zahn

    After 30 years, T. Siegel hands over the editor’s post to Dr. Detlef Werner


  • 2016

    Meeting of the ArGe in Hamburg

    Board of Directors is confirmed; Successful participation of some members in the Nordposta, joint harbor tour.

    Hamburg Nodposta



  • 2014


    Meeting of the ArGe in Doberlug-Kirchenhain

    Lead by Dr. G. Brosche


  • 2007

    Meeting of the ArGe in Wittenberg

    Dr. Wallossek resigns. New Executive Board Dr. Giso G. Brosche, new Editor Wolfgang Massin

    Brosche Massin



  • 2000


    Meeting of the ArGe in Odenthal at Prof. Wallossek´s place

    At the same time, a promotional show on the history of orthopedics was held.

    Werbeschau Orthopädie

  • 1997

    Renaming of the newsletter Pharmacy to "Löwenzahn"

    after a member survey




  • 1988


    Editorial office of the Pharmacy Newsletter in new hands

    Pharmacist Thomas Siegel takes over the editorship of the newsletter Pharmazie, which is again published together with Philatelia Medica

    Löwen-Zahn Redakteurwechsel

  • 1979

    Editorial team of the pharmacy newsletter changes

    After the death of W. Maiwald, Dr. Wallossek also takes over the editorship of the newsletter Pharmazie – until 1979 from his estate.

    Maiwald Philatelie



  • 1971


    The first Philatelia Medica appears

    This year the motive group medicine and pharmacy make themselves publication-technically independent of Navicula

    erste PM

  • 1964

    The first Pharmacy Newsletter is published

    Editor Walter Maiwald; both newsletters are published in the International Newsletter Navicula e.V.




  • 1963


    Foundation of the Pharmacy Motif Group

    by pharmacist Ernst Schlunegger; editor Walter Maiwald; both newsletters are published under the management of the journal Navicula

  • 1962

    Foundation of the motif group medicine and the newsletter medicine

    by Rudolf Wallossek, M.D., who also acted as the first chairman.