We are back from Luxembourg. Three eventful and full days are over. We can now process many impressions. The first one is that we could keep our ranking in the team competition, we are again the fourth best team out of eleven. With only one point behind the third-placed team (187 vs 188 points!). We are especially pleased that in our internal ranking, our first-time exhibitors placed 2nd and 3rd out of five. We were also able to score points for our ArGe with our information stand. Philatelia Medica was well received with its contents, but the layout was probably considered too well-behaved. The cover page would not have an “eye-catcher”. From our side, this is the way we want it, but possibly the jury judged it as a disadvantage. Perhaps worth considering for the future…..

The lecture “Philately is Medicine” held on behalf of the ArGe and its cooperation partners from Austria was also very well received. The general meeting was harmonious. Here a main point was how we could win new members. Unfortunately, we all did not have a brilliant idea, according to the motto, “yes, that would be it”. We have already started to intensify the advertising and want to continue here. A detailed protocol of the meeting will be published soon in the internal area of this homepage.

A highlight for us die-hard philatelists was rummaging through and trading covers that came from the donated estates of (sadly) deceased members. The leftover material is again placed by Clemens in the ArGe’s own Delcampe-shop, so that the proceeds from these sales go directly to the ArGe. A procedure that has paid off for the ArGe in the last two years, and also corresponds to the will of the deceased (partly this was also explicitly requested by them).

Bad Mondorf 22

But the best thing in my eyes was that we could meet again in person. The joy of this was palpable, and after the philately we had a lot of fun together in the evening and laughed together again. We would like to thank all the organizers and their hard-working helpers for giving us this opportunity and the beautiful atmosphere that allowed this well-being….

By the way: if you are interested in the exact results of the team competition, you can find them on the homepage of the VPhA under this link.