On the advice of our Romanian member, we have once again participated in a philatelic literature competition in Romania with our newsletters “Philatelia Medica and Dandelion”. This happened in the context of the philatelic exhibition on the occasion of “100 years of organized philatelic activity in Cluj” (26-31.10.2022). We are pleased to announce and are happy that our newsletter was awarded a gold medal in the course of this competition (see Diploma and Medal).


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you – especially the authors of Philatelia Medica and Dandelion – for your cooperation during the past year. Without the support – also morally – from all of you, all activities of the ArGe would not have been possible. We think that this award has brought our past year – which was also under the sign of 60 years of ArGe Medizin und Pharmazie – to a nice end.

On behalf of the Executive Board

Daniela Vogt Weisenhorn