Helfer der Menschheit


  • Country: Germany, Federal Republic
  • Issued on: 2024-02-01
  • Size: 55 x 30 mm
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Designers: Veit Grünert
  • Printers: Joh. Enschedé
  • Format: Semi-Postal
  • Printing: Offset lithography
  • Face value: 85+40 ct – Euro cent

In their anniversary year, the 2024 charity stamps are dedicated to the helpers of humanity (the first charity stamps were issued in 1949). The additional revenue will be used by the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Freien Wohlfahrtspflege e. V. to promote social projects and institutions and thus support countless people who are dependent on help. The helpers of humanity commemorated on the stamps are (1) the carers who look after the 5 million people in need of care as relatives or professionals, (2) the people who assist the increasing number of refugees or (3) all the volunteers who help the victims of environmental disasters.

Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, 25 Years

  • Country: India
  • Issued on: 2024-02-17
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Format: Stamp with Attached Label
  • Emission: Personalized – Official
  • Printing: Offset lithography
  • Face value: 5 ₹ – Indian rupee
  • Description: Printed in sheets of 12 with se-tenant labels that can be customized. Sold by India Post for ₹500 per sheet of 12

Vatican Pharmacy, 150 Years

  • Country: Vatican City
  • Issued on: 2024-02-19
  • Size: 30 x 40 mm
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Designers: Raúl Berzosa
  • Printers: Joh. Enschedé
  • Format: Commemorative
  • Perforation: 14¼ x 13¼
  • Printing: Offset lithography
  • Face value: 1.25 € – Euro
  • Print run: 43,000

On 2 March 1874, Cardinal Antonelli, on behalf of Pope Pius IX, suggested to Father Giovanni Alfieri, Prior General of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God (Brothers of Mercy), that a pharmacy be set up for the Vatican. The idea was to stock up on medicines for the Pope and the cardinals. Today, the Vatican Pharmacy is not only available to Vatican employees and the residents of Vatican City, but also to anyone who needs special medicines. The stamp shows St John of God, the founder of the Brothers of Mercy, with a pharmacist and a customer. At the bottom is the logo of the Brothers of Mercy with a pomegranate surmounted by a cross.

Differently Abled

  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Issued on: 2024-02-21
  • Size: 41 x 30 mm
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Format: Commemorative
  • Printing: Offset lithography
  • Face value: 50 රු. – Sri Lankan rupee
  • Print run: 300,000
  • Description: out of a sheet displaying scenes from the life of boy- and girlscouts

Spanish Association of Primary Care Doctors, 50 Years

  • Country: Spain
  • Issued on: 2024-02-22
  • Size: 41 x 29 mm
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Printers: Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda (RCM-FNMT)
  • Format: Commemorative
  • Perforation: 13¾ x 13¼
  • Printing: Offset lithography
  • Face value: 1.70 € – Euro
  • Print run: 115,000

Queen Alexandra Hospital, Centenary

  • Country: Faroe Islands
  • Issued on: 2024-02-26
  • Size: 72 x 50 mm
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Printers: Cartor Security Printing
  • Format: Souvenir Sheet
  • Emission: Commemorative
  • Printing: Offset lithography

Croatian Medical Association, 150 Years

  • Country: Croatia
  • Issued on: 2024-02-26
  • Size: 35.5 x 30 mm
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Designers: Katarina Lončar
  • Printers: Agencija Za Komercijalnu Djelatnost
  • Format: Commemorative
  • Perforation: 14
  • Printing: Offset lithography
  • Face value: 0.72 € – Euro
  • Print run: 25,000

Phenylketonuria Victim Support

  • Country: North Macedonia
  • Issued on: 2024-02-28
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Format: Commemorative
  • Printing: Offset lithography
  • Face value: 36 ден – North Macedonian denar

In its series on rare genetic diseases, North Macedonia has this time focussed on phenylketonuria. Phenylketonuria is a disorder of amino acid metabolism that occurs in infants born without the ability to break down the amino acid phenylalanine. The brain-damaging phenylalanine accumulates in the blood. Phenylketonuria occurs when both parents pass on a defective gene to their children. Common symptoms include mental retardation, seizures, nausea, vomiting, eczema-like skin rash and a foul or musty body odour. Children who are treated as infants (strict low-phenylalanine diet) develop almost normally. However, the diet must be adhered to for life. The structural formula of phenylalanine can be found in the belly of the child depicted on the stamp.


Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Bicentenary

  • Country: Ireland
  • Issued on: 2024-02-29
  • Size: 51 x 30 mm
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Designers: Zinc Design Consultants
  • Printers: Joh. Enschedé
  • Format: Commemorative
  • Perforation: Die Cut
  • Printing: Offset lithography
  • Gum: Self-Adhesive
  • Face value: N º – No Face Value
  • Print run: 72,000
  • Description: Face value €1.40 on day of issue