We were at the IBRA23 in Essen

Here is a short, personal report about our visit to IBRA23 with our advertising stand. Short and personal because there was already quite a broad coverage in all philatelic media.

What impressed me? Indeed, the mass of philately that hit me during these 4 days. The hall was filled with 800 exhibits (about 3500 frames). And this was not just philately, I really saw top philately. True, I realized that I will never reach this level in the thematic class – for monetary reasons – no matter how well constructed and how exceptional my theme would be. Still, I enjoyed immensely the really beautiful and valuable exhibits. It was inspiring for me to see them up close. I was also enthusiastic – among other things due to the conversations with the exhibitors – about the many ideas and thoughts regarding the philatelic depiction of statements of which many think, that they are “philatelically impossible to display”.


Joyful excitement – cheerfulness

But not only I felt this joyful excitement, I had the impression, it was everywhere – during the whole four days – to feel: in the dealer hall, in the exhibition hall and also at the booths of the ArGen. Perhaps also by the fact that one could finally meet in person again – or as in my case: online acquaintances become real, or to meet at all philatelic interested new people. In any case, I had a lot of fun at our booth and laughed a lot – and we all know: laughing is healthy. Three winners of our prize puzzle will also be laughing in the next few days, because our lucky fairy drew the winners today from the available answer sheets. They will be notified in the next few days.

“Being there is/was everything!”

Of course, there was also one or the other downer. Be it that unfortunately – as so often – despite great efforts of the organizers, the youth stand was only really visited on Saturday. Or that a few exhibitors were not satisfied with the ratings of their exhibits. But that is part of a competition. And at a world exhibition – the Olympics of philatelists – it is true that just taking part is worth the trip.