We are at the IBRA23 in Essen

We have prepared a few things for this. We will be there with our advertising booth and will also present excerpts from our virtual lectures on an advertising screen. So – if you feel like it and are in Essen, feel free to drop by, we would be happy to see you. Hall 7 – Both 7-60 – at the corner

Philatelic cheerful doctor guessing

We also do not want to forget the lightness of life, and therefore we have prepared a philatelic quiz for IBRA – under the motto: “Happy doctor guessing”. Passers-by can play this quiz and also win a prize. But also for those at home there is a possibility to guess. See the page opposite. If you want to participate: The deadline is June 15. Address can be found in the impressum, or mail to office-vogt @medizinphilatelie.com. Legal action is excluded.


Help for “butterfly children”

Furthermore, we have not forgotten people who are not as well off as we are. In this case, the Butterfly Children, who are children suffering from an extremely painful skin disease: epidermolysis bullosa. On our promotional card for our association we also ask for a donation for these children. For this we collaborate with DEBRA – the association that supports these children and has also given us a few giveaways to distribute.